Four Seasons of Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the best places where you should visit. It has four distinct and beautiful seasons, which you will admire. Massachusetts has a warm summer while it is cold and snowy during winter. It is located in the region of Northeastern United States.

The changes of season in Massachusetts greatly affect the trees living there, particularly the maple trees. Knowing these seasons is useful in taking care of your trees. Below are the different seasons of Massachusetts and how the trees respond to it:

Winter Season

You did not just imagine having trees in your yard to give you enough shade, but also aim for it. Could it be that the best time for you to plant new trees in Massachusetts is during winter? Massachusetts experience cold winters and this can affect the right timing when you can plant new trees.

Ideally, late winter or even early spring is the recommended time when you can plant your trees. It will not be disruptive because the tree will just be budding from its dormant condition. During winter, trees experience dormancy, which is the cessation of growth due to its temperature zone. However, it is also not recommended to plant trees during summer when there is extreme heat. This can only damage the saplings.

When planting deciduous trees, you should follow these guidelines. However, if you are planting evergreen trees, you choose when to plant them as long as it is not during summer.

During winter in Massachusetts, you need to check on the branches of your trees. You should also include the trees in your neighbors’ yard. You can remove the branches that hang over your home. Heavy snow and strong wind can cause problems for you this winter because of those branches.

Spring Season

In Massachusetts, the best time to watch for trees is during springtime. When the sun is out, it will provide you with good photo opportunities. Spring happens early May. You can see different kinds of trees like the Red Maple Tree, Red Oak, and American elm. This is also the season when you can see the trees flowering. The leaves will begin to bloom on the oaks and maples. You may see trees showing buds. They may start swelling and the seedpod may begin to drop off. They become visible in driveways and parking lot. After this, the foliage will follow. It is important to water your trees regularly and adequately to maintain its health during this season.

Summer Season

For landscapers, they recommend planting trees and flowers during spring or fall. However, you may also be thinking about planting trees during the summer. This may not be a good idea. The summer heat in Massachusetts may cause failure. The hot temperature and dry soil are stressful for the plants. This is the same for transplanting trees. However, you can plant trees in plastic containers. Those trees in containers have already established a healthy root system that gives them more chances of surviving.

For maintenance, you should check your trees insect infestation and disease. During summer, trees, as well as the shrubs, are stressed which lead them at risk of infestation and disease. You can protect your trees by spraying them with insect/disease spray.

Fall Season

This usually happens between mid-August to mid-October. During this season, the air temperature is warm and the soil is damp. This is the right time to plant new trees and check on the existing ones. You will see that the leaves fall down in this season. It is important that you prepare your trees for winter by making sure it receives adequate moisture. You can wait for the leaves to fall before you water. You should saturate the soil with at least 2 feet deep. This will encourage proper root growth. You should remove the gathered trees to prevent leaf-borne diseases and habitat for mice.

Lastly, Massachusetts is rich in natural resources. Its seasons are unique, giving you lots of ideas and guidelines on how to take care of your trees. Be sure to follow of these so that you will maintain the health and beauty of your trees.

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