How to Tell if your Tree is Healthy

Tree health maintenance Attleboro MA
An arborist cutting a tree branch with a chainsaw on Martin Street in Attleboro, MA.

Can you just imagine a world without trees? Will it be a better place to live in? I doubt it. A healthy tree has the ability to survive for many years even if it is exposed to different harsh elements. However, did you know that trees are also living things? Like humans, they breathe, get sick, and die. Even the hardwood may face sickness and diseases.

When your trees get sick, there are symptoms you need to know. By knowing the symptoms at an early stage of disease, you may save the life of your tree. That’s why it is also important to regularly check on your trees and assess for symptoms.

  • There are no damages on the bark.

When the bark on the trunk is healthy, it can be a good indicator that the tree has no disease. However, damage on the bark may indicate insect infestation, decay, and disease. When you see vertical cracks in the bark is a good sign that your tree is sick.

Normally, a new layer of bark will grow if your tree is healthy. However, when it is sick, it will fail to produce a new layer of bark. This will result in a bald bark and you need to assess this.

You should also check for fungal growth on the bark and truck as this is also a symptom that your tree is sick. Fungal growth is difficult to detect because it will invade the internal part first. This means that when you detect fungal growth, it may be too late to save your trees. That’s why it is important to have an arborist check on your tree.

  • There should be yearly growth.

Every year, trees produce new trunk and branches. You can compare the growth of the previous year to this year by checking how much the buds grow. Trees have various average growth.

  • There are no dead or broken branches.

Tree service Attleboro MAThe first thing you should do to determine if the branches and twigs are healthy is to check the foliage. If there are fallen leaves which they should not or has acquired patches, your tree may be sick. There shouldn’t be one branch that does not have any leaves. When this happens, the branch may be dead as well as the trunk and roots are sick.

You should also do a twig test. Cut a twig from the tree and break it. There are three colors to expect. If it has a green color, this means that your tree is healthy. A dark green color may indicate that your tree is sick and you need to check its cause before it is too late. When the color of the twig is brown, it means that it is dead or perhaps, the entire tree is dying also. You can recheck with the other twigs to determine whether there is only one branch or the entire tree is affected.

  • There is an absence of wilting.

Wilting is the first sign that indicates a stressed tree. The leaves and stems will lose its rigidness. Later on, they will begin to sag. The causes can be lack of water, over-watering, too much or too little sun, over-fertilized, disease, or root-bound.

Lastly, a healthy tree will look attractive and strong. You will not see any insect infestations. Moreover, you could visibly see its flowers and fruits abundantly. When you assess that your tree is sick or dying, it is best to have an arborist check on it. This will save your tree and maintain its health. There are many tree service Attleboro MA that you can choose from.

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