6 Tree Health Maintenance Tips

Tree Health Maintenance Tree Service Attleboro MA

A tree owner must know how to keep their trees healthy. There are trees that can live for many years, but this does not mean that you should not take proper care of them. When you maintain the health of your tree, is can beautify your property. Aside from that, trees can provide a refreshing area to cool down under, especially during the hot summer days in Attleboro MA.

So how can you maintain your tree health? The good news is there are ways to ensure that your trees look healthy, strong, and happy.

  1. Determine what your trees need

Different trees have different needs for them to grow healthy. Some of them may need lots of water while others may not. The kind of soil and soil type you have is also very important. Some trees prefer moist conditions even if they receive ample amount of water during rainfall. Your trees should be placed in the right area with the right soil condition. If you are not sure about this, an arborist can help you. At Attleboro Tree Service Pros, our expert arborists can provide you with insightful advice.

You should also determine if your trees can tolerate the drought season. If not, you should routinely monitor your trees, making sure that they receive an adequate amount of water.

You must also determine what factors your trees are sensitive to. Can they withstand strong winds, salt spray, or root competition from other plants? Once you know what is best for your trees, you can remove these stressors from your trees in order for them to be healthy.

  1. Start by protecting the roots

Tree roots receive the nutrients that they need. Once you ensure your trees have healthy roots, you can also ensure that your tree remain healthy.  That’s why having healthy soil is critical to the health of your trees. The soil should have adequate air space so that the roots can absorb enough oxygen that is needed by your trees. Make sure that there is no compacted soil. Compacted soil hinders water and oxygen absorption by the roots.

  1. Properly water your tree.

No matter how mature or how big your trees are, you must not forget to water them. If you have noticed it hasn’t rained for several weeks, check your trees to see if they need water. When you have new trees growing, be sure to give them 4 to 10 gallons of water every week. Regular watering can also prevent diseases from happening. This can also help tree develop strong roots underground.

  1. Do not forget to mulch.

Through mulching, the roots get proper insulation, and you protect them from lawn mower cuts as well as prevent soil from drying. You can either purchase mulch or use leaves and grass clippings from your yard. You can put at least 2 to 4 inch layers of mulch. However, you should never cover the base of the trunk.

  1. Fertilize your trees

Trees should be fertilized every couple of years. When you naturally remove fertilizers like the leaves and grass clippings from your yard, you also remove soil nourishment. That is why you may need to purchase a certain fertilizer in order to keep your trees healthy. You can apply more fertilizer during early spring and summer months. As trees start to grow, you can reduce the application of the fertilizer.

  1. Prune your trees

If you want the structure of your trees to be robust and in a desirable form, you should prune your trees regularly. Pruning also removes the deadwood that holds them back. When the trees are dormant, you can do major pruning. When it is summer, you can prune the small, dead, and damaged twigs.

Lastly, follow these six tree health maintenance tips if you would like to have strong, healthy, and happy trees. If you need a professional tree care company to come out and assess your tree health, you can give Attleboro Tree Service Pros a call.


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