The Importance of Trees to People

Importance of Tree at Attleboro MA

Trees are associated with life’s essentials, food and oxygen. In history, trees are considered sacred. In the middle ages, trees are included in the literature. That’s why even if you are in these modern days, there are many reasons to value trees.


  • They fight climate change.

You can really tell that nowadays there is a great change in our climate. The atmosphere that is protecting us is continuously damaging. There is too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere that leads to climate change. However, trees absorb, remove, and store carbon dioxide. After that, they release oxygen into the air that brings benefit to both the environment and humans. Hence, they hamper global warming.

  • They provide cool air and reduce wind speeds.

Trees can reduce the high temperature in the place. They lose moisture and replicate heat upwards from their leaves. Trees cool the city by shading homes, streets, and parks and releasing water.

  • Trees prevent soil erosion.

Trees prevent soil erosion and even flooding because they absorb thousands of liters of storm-water. Even on hillsides or stream slopes, trees keep the soil in place.

  • Trees conserve water and energy.

When there are trees in your backyard, you may not need an air conditioner. This will conserve the energy that should be used for cooling the house. This will also reduce carbon dioxide and other pollution emissions from power plants. The trees that provide shade on your lawn can reduce water evaporation.

  • Trees boost wildlife.

Trees serve as the habitats of various animals. They even provide food to the communities of birds, insects, lichen, and fungi. Their trunks provide hollow cover for bats, beetles, and owls.


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  • Trees can make humans healthy.

Trees act as a canopy that physically filter, trap dust, and absorb pollutant from the air. They even reduce solar radiation and noise. Some trees provide medicine to some health conditions. Some research also shows that when you stay under the trees, this can lower down the blood pressure, heart rate, and stress.

  • Trees shield human beings from ultra-violet rays.

Many people are affected with skin cancer because of overexposure to UV rays that you can get from sunlight. Trees reduce UV rays. This will protect humans in the park, school, playground, and other public places.

  • Trees provide food.

Trees provide fruits as our consumption or as a living. Many property owners plant numbers of trees that produce fruits  When it is time for harvest, they sell these fruits in the market. They earn a living through these trees while supplying the demand for fruits in the communities. Aside from that, trees also provide food for animals like birds and other wildlife.

  • Trees make economic opportunities.

Fruits from trees can be sold which create an income. Some people are also interested in living, working, and investing in green surroundings. It opens a new opportunity for small business in green waste management and landscaping. This can also provide green jobs to those who need to have an income.

Lastly, trees are needed by the future generation. That’s why it is important for people to plant more trees and conserve them. If they are gone or few, chances are, the future generation will no longer experience the benefits of having trees around. It is vital that we respect and protect them. In Attleboro Tree Service Pros, we can take care of your trees so that they will survive for many years.

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