Beautiful Maple Tree of Massachusetts

Are you one of those people who is captivated by the Maple Tree of Massachusetts? I guess everyone loves this tree. However, did you know that there are traits that you should look for in a maple tree? Its leaves are palmate and lobed. It has opposite branching which makes it unique. It also comes with winged seeds known as Samaras. If you want to plant in in your backyard, you may need to undergo a series of stratification before it will germinate. However, the challenges in planting this tree become worth it when you see it grow beautifully.

Many people find this tree beneficial. It works well in providing shade. It is popular in Massachusetts. It is known for its autumn colors. Most of the trees create different beautiful colors like orange, yellow, brown, or red. One thing that is good about this tree is its ability to survive during drought.

In Massachusetts, you can see different kinds of Maple Tree, and they are listed below:

  •    Red Maple Tree

This tree is very common in Sutton Massachusetts. This tree has the ability to grow up to 100 feet tall. During the winter season, this can produce maple syrup, which is great for pancakes and waffles. During the spring season, this becomes a tasty treat for wildlife. When it is fall, its samara seeds are fun to play with.

  •    Sugar Maple Tree

You may see Sugar Maple Tree in Boston Hopkinton Chelmsford Massachusetts. During the fall season, this tree gives the best shade colors like gold, orange, and red. Its leaves have an attractive and neat shape. It has the ability to easily adapt to any kinds of soil, but it does not like air pollution and compaction. This tree is a perfect addition in your garden or yard. Throughout the season, it maintains its green foliage. Even its flowers and fruits are beautiful decorations. This is considered a low maintenance tree. In fact, it only needs pruning during summer after its leaves have fully developed.

  •    Black Maple Tree

Most of the Black Maple Tree is found in Western Massachusetts where the population of people living in it is only a few. This kind of maple tree prefers rich and moist soil. It does not survive in acidic soils. It is commonly found in the forest of Western Massachusetts. Black Maple Tree is also known as Hard Maple and Rock Maple. It can grow up to 130 feet. When growing in the forest, its trunk is straight but its branches widely spread when growing in the open space. It has dark and thick bark while its leaves are in deep green color.

  •    Silver Maple Tree

Silver Maple Tree is one of the beautiful trees that you will admire when you are in Massachusetts. It is growing fast which makes it popular and versatile. It is perfect if you have a large home landscape because it can grow really big. It has interesting shaped leaves which have a silver underside that shimmer along with the wind. Its leaves have deep green color foliage but they turn yellow during fall. When it is springtime, it produces red flowers, which make it more attractive.

There are many maple trees in Massachusetts. The list above is a just among them. You can visit the place and see how the maple trees add more attraction and beauty to the entire place. If you wish, you can even plant one in your own yard to enhance your landscape design.  

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